How to embrace change is more an identity shift than a top down collection of precepts

Change & transformation require
– passion for learning through that change or whatever challenge you are facing
– working on an identity level of each change makers, avoiding to focus on processes, prescriptions, pre-digested models.
A lot of researches testify that more than the 70 percent of those so called “change management programs” fail in less than a year. And the reason is that you can’t change anything starting from the level where the problem or the need for change has been raising.

If you want to change or transform yourself as well as an organization, whether it is a business model or a strategy, the only way is to foster a new way of thinking, feeling and, consequently, of behaving.
And this is an identity shift, a shift in your level of consciousness.

Here my last podcast on this topic! Have a good listening!


A new leadership compass

As leaders, there’s a profound need to help people to explore the unknown, teaching them that precious art of doing those micro-movements such as an acrobat does to remain stable, while he goes on.

In this podcast you might find some sources of inspiration for a new possible leadership compass. Click here to listen to it!


Partecipa alla mia e-learning survey 2020

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