a new leadership compass

How to embrace change is more an identity shift than a top down collection of precepts

Change & transformation require– passion for learning through that change or whatever challenge you are facingand– working on an identity level of each change makers, avoiding to focus on processes, prescriptions, pre-digested models.A lot of researches testify that more than the 70 percent of those so called “change management programs” fail in less than a year. And the reason is …


Happy Birthday! 16 anni di passione pura per il Coaching & Training con le persone. Thanks to all of you!

Workshop “Leadership a confronto”, 16 novembre 2017, Assolombarda, Milano. Iscriviti al workshop cliccando qui: https://mbandinelli.it/workshop-leadership-senza-distinzioni-confronto-milano-16-novembre-2017-assolombarda/