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Wingmam™ Anna Maria Jorgensen Releases a Coach-by-Text plan to give you Real-Time help to Singles

The Scoop: Since 2010, Anna-Maria Jorgensen has offered by herself as a resource to solitary women and men thinking what the deuce the alternative gender is thinking. Anna turned into named Vancouver’s Wingmam as a consequence of the woman stimulating and supportive accept matchmaking mentoring. She’s got given singles with steady assistance and action-oriented guidance to help them get the results they desire within the internet dating arena. These days, Anna provides widened the woman business model from on the internet and cellphone mentoring to include a text-based training plan that provide customers use of targeted advice every time they require it.

Anna Maria Jorgensen obtained title “Wingmam” because the woman aim is to support singles through the entire pros and cons of online dating. In 2012, she created an online dating mentoring business in Vancouver and began taking on clients throughout Canada and the me by arranging one-on-one sessions over the phone.

But often her customers had a sudden issue — possibly a really love interest had sent an unclear text or a romantic date had not gone as prepared — in addition they had a need to talk to their own Wingmam before their unique planned periods. Anna recognized that some singles required significantly more than a weekly or month-to-month phone call — they needed some one on call to really back all of them upwards in times during the want.

This is exactly why Anna has begun supplying another coaching-by-text plan to consumers who would like inexpensive, easily accessible relationship guidance during the go. This versatile plan provides shaken up the woman business structure and given singles the resources they want to be successful.

Anna told all of us book training appealed to the lady as it assisted her be open to her clients whenever they needed this lady, plus it gave the lady longer for by herself.

New clients begin with a get-to-know-you phone program during which Anna assesses their particular individual requirements and pops up with a casino game strategy. She fulfills frequently together with her customers over the telephone or via Skype and frequently gives out research so they are able carry on understanding and expanding between sessions. The regular coaching plan consists of impromptu maintenance contacts situation a crisis scenario occurs. Today her texting plan will more guide and support singles for the modern-day dating scene.

“My personal company motto is ‘For if you want to stay straight down without settling.’ And my motto is ‘Love may be the answer,'” she stated.

Anna’s viewpoint of self-love and self-care features affected the physical lives of several customers through the years. This woman is a confident influence on unmarried people, bolstering all of them with a Pollyanna-like optimism and, in addition, informing all of them what they desire to know in uncensored and unreserved classes.

“basically can men and women realize that location within on their own in which they understand deep down that they submit on their own,” she stated, “they will be happier and fundamentally far more appealing.”

Inspiring Clients to Take Action & Understand Dating

Anna lately founded a mentor by Text plan (also called the “Hitch” system) to convey real-time guidance to a limited amount of training clients who would like to speak to a professional while navigating the internet dating scene. These clients can text the lady as they’re home, happening a night out together, or flirting within bar.

Essentially, any moment obtained a question, capable shoot off an instant book, and Anna may have a response on their behalf.

“You gave me some guidance years back that helped me personally have much better connections, and then I’m getting married.” — Steve F., an old customer

For-instance, when they carry on a good time and wish to know when and ways to text or phone that person, they could tell Anna what’s happening and get her guidance as to what they need to carry out and exactly why. She provides quick, action-oriented referrals plus the reasoning behind the woman advice. She wants the woman clients to appreciate the approach behind interest and really love to enable them to generate great decisions by themselves someday.

“the target is to teach them how-to seafood, not to ever provide you with the seafood, so as that sooner or later they don’t require me personally,” she said. “While I feel that your client is ready, I’ll begin inquiring these to give me their own suggestions (and why) for you to handle the specific situation. However provide feedback before they act.”

Working directly With Shy Guys & president Babes

Clients choosing Anna get her complete interest. She doesn’t spread by herself as well thin or attempt to undertake a lot more customers than she will reasonably assist. She said she sometimes deal with only 10 clients at one time. “I am not hoping to get wealthy or famous, so as that’s sufficient in my situation,” she mentioned candidly.

Lots of the males which turn-to Anna’s mentoring programs tend to be introverted singles who is going to end up being socially embarrassing or sorely shy. These men can relate genuinely to Anna, that is a proud introvert, and discover the woman reassurance increases their confidence. By giving her sincere guidance, she will be able to help her customers determine what’s eliminated wrong inside their past relationships and how to prevent those blunders down the road.

Even though the males inside her client base are usually taciturn and fearful, the women who work with Anna usually have no difficulty speaking their brains. She defined her typical feminine customer as an empowered woman that is self-confident at the office and lock in in herself. But these “boss girls,” as she phone calls them, can frighten times and lose touch employing femininity. She shows all of them how to get the kind of men they wish to date and be more capable in the matchmaking world.

“we definitely feel some thing shifted inside me,” said Deni. “i’m better self-confidence, and that I is able to see and feel that I am bringing in even more attention from opposite gender.”

Anna needs the woman clients to take the woman online system WakeUp2Luv while using their since it helps them put money into self-development and improve in their time. The six-week system supplements the woman mentoring and enables consumers to follow a higher knowledge of sex and matchmaking.

This thorough course benefits singles whom believe uncertain about things of heart and want straightforward advice. Anna mentioned some customers discover every little thing they need from the on line plan while some would you like to discuss the takeaways in private training periods.

“Anna’s fairly lengthy program might be useful to any guy that’s looking to get serious about dating,” said Mike S. in a-yelp analysis. “Anna has the capacity to communicate with males while promoting the positive reason behind really love.”

Text training was the Achievement So Far

Anna mentioned her very first book mentoring client was just one guy purpose on winning back their ex. “as he contacted myself, it absolutely was the right possible opportunity to try the concept,” she said, “that I’m happy used to do because i came across that I get really purchased your client.

In addition to giving him promoting messages, Anna added a lot of extra many hours generating advice video clips with him in mind on the WingmamTV YouTube channel. She also delivered him of use information on internet dating, connections, and breakups.

Across the after that six weeks, Anna supplied the guy her expertise, in which he got the woman guidance whenever trying to reconnect along with his ex-girlfriend. While the ex performed keep returning, Anna said the greater success was a student in acquiring the woman customer to comprehend he was a catch and worthy of love. Their confidence soared, in which he got control over his sex life in a way he previouslyn’t before, deciding to progress. He’s now with a female he phone calls “an amazing 10 in almost every way.”

“and studying more and more my self, it was fantastic that you spelled down just what guys desire in an union.” — Cathy S., certainly Anna’s clients

Anna’s consumers frequently say in testimonials they own gained a very positive mindset by employing the matchmaking coach. The woman ideas lead singles to possess epiphanies in what they wish and how to get it.

“You pulled me through toughest thing I actually ever sensed,” stated Steffan W. in a recommendation. “I appreciate both you and that which you did for me personally. I believe as if you took my personal instance truly.”

Vancouver’s Wingmam causes Coaching Cool & Fun

When Anna puts with each other the woman mentoring products, she thoroughly weighs in at the requirements of the woman customers and ponders exactly what she can do in order to provide practical and healing guidance. The woman book training plan is an innovative and effective way to get to singles once they the majority of need you to definitely speak to.

Whether she’s generating an information video clip or having a healing discussion over the telephone, the Wingmam is often there to support daters through personal problems. She told you she expectations choosing a dating coach can be normalized much more singles determine enhancing themselves is the most beneficial thing capable carry out due to their time and effort. “possibly hiring a dating mentor can be the fresh cool course of action,” she stated with fun.

While the Wingmam doesn’t have any specific programs for any years ahead, she will undoubtedly be on the lookout for imaginative training methods and cost-effective tools getting singles up to speed.

“mainly I worry about making a bearing on my consumers’ physical lives,” she said. “yourself, I applaud anyone who decides to better themselves, and whomever they choose because their advisor — there are a lot of great mentors in the market — when they have happier, globally becomes happier, and we all benefit.”

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Quantum Leadership: stop pushing, start looking for.

We often live with the conditioning belief of “pushing against what is not working and missing” instead of looking for the “intelligence” that is trying to unfold from our circumstances and “problems”.

It would be better wisely believing that a problem is anything but a question that has not yet found the emergent and underlying proper answer. 

That’s why doing, doing and doing is like “change everything to not change anything”. Pushing is no longer a viable pathway. 



Come attivare uno stato personale di risorsa

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L’auto-conoscenza come primo step per sviluppare una forte resilienza

Il principio organizzatore della resilienza risiede al nostro interno. Essa descrive la capacità di recupero dimostrata dopo un cambiamento di vita imprevisto.


Resilienza? E’ una questione di “cuore”

La scienza ci aiuta a comprendere che ci vogliono una profonda intenzione ed emozioni elevate per iniziare a trasformare la nostra neuro-fisiologia in modo che passiamo da vivere nel passato a vivere nel presente, l’unico “luogo” dal quale è possibile cominciare a costruire un futuro.
Sentire emozioni elevate come gratitudine, gioia, apprezzamento e compassione portano il cuore a battere in maniera coerente, ossia con ritmo, ordine ed armonia.
La resilienza non è un esercizio “cervellotico” né una abilità di tipo cognitivo.
Essa ha a che fare con accrescere la consapevolezza di quel punto di coscienza che risiede nel cuore.


Ripartire nell’incertezza, il primo passo: elevare il proprio livello di consapevolezza

Per ripartire e far ripartire (le persone che lavorano con noi, le attività, le organizzazioni) servono leader consapevoli. Tanto più consapevoli, molto di più di quello che si vede e che si percepisce. Più consapevoli di come funziona l’essere umano, di come questi sia in grado di attivare risorse personali infinite se supportate nel modo giusto, di come i problemi di oggi siano in realtà le soluzioni adottate ieri.

In questo podcast impariamo a fare il primo passo. Buon ascolto!



How to embrace change is more an identity shift than a top down collection of precepts

Change & transformation require
– passion for learning through that change or whatever challenge you are facing
– working on an identity level of each change makers, avoiding to focus on processes, prescriptions, pre-digested models.
A lot of researches testify that more than the 70 percent of those so called “change management programs” fail in less than a year. And the reason is that you can’t change anything starting from the level where the problem or the need for change has been raising.

If you want to change or transform yourself as well as an organization, whether it is a business model or a strategy, the only way is to foster a new way of thinking, feeling and, consequently, of behaving.
And this is an identity shift, a shift in your level of consciousness.

Here my last podcast on this topic! Have a good listening!


A new leadership compass

As leaders, there’s a profound need to help people to explore the unknown, teaching them that precious art of doing those micro-movements such as an acrobat does to remain stable, while he goes on.

In this podcast you might find some sources of inspiration for a new possible leadership compass. Click here to listen to it!